In order to independently build up the acrylic nails, you need to purchase special tools and materials. First of all, you should decide which you prefer: extensions for special forms or false nails (tips), depending on this you need to buy one or the other.

To use forms, which solidifies the acrylic, it is necessary that the nails be at least a little grown, as the form is installed under the edge of the nail plate. If you prefer tips also have to buy special pliers for the shortening of their tips (tipareth) and glue with a brush, with which they are attached to the nail.

You must also purchase a coarse nail file for filing nail surface before applying nail tips or forms. If possible, it is better to buy two different sizes: a small is more convenient to prepare the nail near the cuticle. Also need a soft brush to remove with nail dust after this process. Will need primer – a special substance that improves the adhesion of acrylic nails. It is applied to the nail after filing.

For formation of the surface of acrylic nail need two components: acrylic powder (powder) and liquid monomer (liquid) and brush, which in turn is dipped first into a liquid, then into powder. Acrylic powder is available in different colors: for example, for French manicure you should purchase pink and white. To brush longer served, it makes sense to buy a special liquid to clean it.

After applying the desired number of layers of acrylic nail file and then polished to a gloss, erasing all visible scratches from the coarse files. This will require a soft brush. After nails are polished, you should lightly RUB into the cuticle area medicated oil. When it will be absorbed, you can apply varnish.

Experts recommend to purchase all you need for acrylic nails in one kit: first, it is easier and more profitable, and secondly, there is no danger that materials from different manufacturers will "collide" with each other. There are many variants of sets: for example, this information can include dozens of different forms (single or multiple) and tips, several types of acrylic powder in different shades, tweezers, nail files, sticks and move aside the cuticle healing oil for her and so on. Depending on the chosen method of building and design of nails, everyone can choose a suitable kit, without having to pick up all the components separately.