When finishing is taken as natural and artificial stone. Natural is polished, crushed, cut. It looks luxurious, but the price of his corresponding! And it weighs enough, and therefore the installation of such material is difficult. In addition, not every wall is able to withstand the weight of such a dimensional veneer.

But cheaper than artificial stone, not less than respectable. It will help to create an atmosphere of mysterious caves or a beautiful castle! But he has another advantage – it does not have micropores and cracks, it will not eventually appear greasy stains. Artificial stone in weight is very small, does not absorb odors, moisture proof. In appearance not everyone will be able to distinguish it from the natural, so why pay more?

But it is worth remembering that the stone cladding "eating up" the space. Therefore, it is more suitable for private house than a small apartment. But if you really really want in the apartment to use this noble material, it is possible to cheat a little to finish them only part of the premises. For example, to put around the TV wall of stone slab. Thus it is possible to zone any area of the room! But if you decorate the room in country style or Provence, then use the lining with imitation brick. Decorative stone can mimic even the old brickwork – it looks very interesting!

The openings can also be clad in stone. This is often taken crushed material to create the impression that the doorway leads into the old castle or he carved directly into the rock. With this opening and the entire room sees it differently – it becomes mysterious.

Even in the kitchen stone is appropriate. They can brick apron. And for the corridor of stones. In General, applications of this material there are plenty. Sometimes a stone veneer even items of furniture such as the bar. Or impose a smooth stone sides of old drawers to create the feeling that a dresser built into the wall.

Be creative with this versatile material, experiment – then you'll have to create an interesting interior, which will boast the most important – uniqueness.