For a patient with typical hysteria hysterical fits. Of cases requires a "lot of space", that is a large space in the room. During a seizure the patient may tear his clothes, cry, scream, arch your whole body to repeat the same phrase. In addition, the acute seizure may be accompanied by hallucination. In this state, all memories become jerky.

To subdue a bout of strong stimulus: a shot, a spray of cold water, the sharp sound and other ways. Normally in hysteria one wants to become the object of attention, for example, telling different stories about himself. Sometimes they may not be adequate and truthful. The individual viewed the violation of the sensitivity, coordination, reaction, sometimes he even can not move independently.

In the category of risk may include people who have suffered different types of injuries associated with head and brain strain, as well as individuals from dysfunctional families or abuse alcohol. For treatment of the patient necessarily need a psychiatrist. Each of the sick is examined carefully, as this is mainly a mental disorder each occurs in different ways. Usually applied combined therapy with the appointment of a restorative drugs, but in severe cases, the person put in the hospital.

Like most neuroses, hysteria cured by suggestion, as in the everyday state and under hypnosis. Families are supposed to treat the patient safely, in order not to aggravate his mental condition.