Soil for orchids will not take on a flowerbed or vegetable garden. And even buy one at the flower shop is not an option.

Soil requirements specific, as the plant itself. It must be good to breathe (compressed invalid) and to retain moisture for a long time.

This files most often for filling of pot used pine bark, in particular pine.

If you decide not to buy, and you got the stuff for free, remember that the bark needs to be removed from dry wood, dead. To avoid a possible presence in it of live larvae or insect eggs, boil in boiling water, and then dry. Cut into pieces of desired size, preferably not flat, but thicker.

Pots for transplant it is better to use transparent plastic with many air holes. Transparency is necessary, as it allows the roots to receive the necessary amount of light, and gardeners to observe their development.

Once made to prepare all necessary materials for transplant, begin cutting stalks. To retreat after 3 or 4 buds about half an inch and shorten each spike. Roots are outside the pot, you must also trim. Only after that, remove the Orchid from the pot.

Carefully remove the old soil, taking care not to damage the roots. If there are damaged or dead remove. The procedure for disentangling the complex roots, you have to patiently and slowly, very carefully to do all this. Sections were treated for disinfection with cinnamon or ash. It is advisable to leave the Orchid for a day like this.

If the remaining pot after cutting the roots of suitable size, it can simply be washed thoroughly with hot water and reused.

The next day, put the Orchid in the prepared pot and fill the space between the roots of pine crusts. Small gaps left for the free development of the root system. At the end a little shake to seal happened naturally.

Watering is not necessary, adaptation to the new soil lasts for about a week.

That's all, improved flower after a small stress ready for a new life.