Some believe that phyto is the only way to show others the abundance and beauty of plants. However, it is not, the main objective of phyto - purely aesthetic function. In metropolis so little oxygen, and plants are able to give them room. In addition, the green color is pleasing to the eye and calms the nerves. Winter or autumn, the plants can help to fight depression.

There is another stereotype associated with the phyto. People think that when you use phyto the whole room should be filled with plants. But this is not so. The main thing in this design is not the number of plants and their proper selection and location.

If you want to fill the room with plants, you first need to find the "green" area, where they will be placed. Usually, plants fill the windowsills, but this option is not suitable for all types of plants. The balcony is a good option, but he's only seasonal. It would be better if you can allocate half of the space in some of the rooms.

To arrange plants in planters, wall shelves, grilles or decorative frames.

When choosing plants, should be guided not only by their appearance, but also the requirements for care. If time to care will not be enough, you need to choose plants are simple to make in any case not to torture a living organism. All plants should be in harmony among themselves and to conform to the dimensions of the room. If finishing materials of the room are plain, it to dilute the style will help the plants with small bright leaves, as if the walls are colorful, it will look harmoniously plants with large leaves.

The laziest people are recommended to purchase Floriana (same aquarium, except that instead of fish then plants). It requires no maintenance, but it looks very impressive.

Phyto-design is able to give the interior a finished look and improve the room climate. The most important rule of phyto - to monitor the condition of the plants and to have a sense of proportion.