The first step is to carry out preparatory work. And be prepared to start with the opening of the enterprise. The basis for further remote management will be responsible deputies, accurate instructions, modern electronic means of communication and control. While every Manager needs to master the technique of video conferencing and network communication.


To cope with the activities of the organization in the absence of leadership will help well-chosen managers. The best option would be an employee who fully supports the methods and principles of work of the owner. The more people from the team the rest of the staff will take much faster.

For this reason, the work of the Manager of the other firm may become less effective. Under this option, organizations can engage in various feuds and conflicts.

Chosen Deputy is obliged to solve tasks and to engage in the development of the company according to the chosen strategy. The main thing here is the result, not the methods to achieve it.


First of all it is necessary to make accurate recommendations for subordinates. That is, each employee must understand their obligations and comply. Additionally, a plan in case of emergencies. Here it is necessary to leave room for individual initiative.

It is necessary to bring order to the attention of each subordinate. You can develop a system of testing and rewards for the learning and execution of instructions.


There are many different tools that allow you to monitor and analyze activities of employees. This approach will allow you to calculate working costs and key productivity ratios.

The collection of information in working mode enables the chief to solve actual problems in remote access. That is, it can follow the development of the business and can react quickly in case of problems.

To realize efficient remote control, you need to share power and responsibilities. After all, growing organizations owner is considered the main strategist. And resolving difficult situations must deal with assistants.