The courses discuss many different topics relating to pregnancy, gestation throughout pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum care and diet baby. But the question arises, where will certainly the necessary knowledge and spent time and money is not wasted?!

For starters, the expectant mother should decide and understand what she wants. If mommy is configured on the physical preparation for childbirth, it is necessary to ask to what extent the professional coach, in which room and what equipment they are training. Very useful for pregnant women classes held in swimming pools.

If a pregnant woman is more attracted to occupations connected with psychology, you should find a centre that teaches psychologist with high qualifications. Need to find out whether classes family and individual counseling, training, relaxation exercises. Of course, the big role played by trust relationship between the mother and specialists. It is desirable that the courses contain both theory and practical classes. Well if the teacher is a practicing pediatrician, or gynecologist.

Classes are encouraged to start as early as possible, around 16-18 weeks of pregnancy. Courses can last for several months, and sometimes extended to individual classes. There are many courses held in maternity hospitals. There, the expectant mother has the opportunity to visit the hospital to meet and chat with the staff, to see the situation in the delivery room and the ward for mother and child.

When choosing a center is not a bad thing to know how many years practicing this activity, what skills have the teachers, what is the direction of the classroom, can the center offer any additional services and not least for the convenience of the pregnant woman, where the centre is and what time classes are held.

These courses will help future parents to realize the seriousness of pregnancy to prepare for childbirth mentally and physically, and this knowledge will help the mother in the first postnatal months in the care of the newborn.