The choice of glazing for the loggia

We must start with the choice of Windows that will be powered by a loggia. To save on they do not need, because Windows depends on the insulation. It is best to make a choice in favor of plastic Windows with multi-chamber profile and double glazing. Yet another way this glass is called warm because it gives excellent thermal insulation effect.

Integrated insulation on the balcony

But not only the glazing determines how warm will this part of the housing. Not do without insulation all work surfaces. Usually begin with sex. The best solution in this case will be the formation of the insulating layer of expanded clay pellets. They poured a layer of about 7-10 cm Layer of smaller thickness decent insulation will not.

To increase the insulation of walls and ceiling used PENOPLEX. Before laying it is necessary to establish a framework for further finishing. To do this, work surfaces are edged wooden bars, the distance between them is about 50-60 cm In free space and fit the insulation material. Its easier just to stick to the ground, using water-resistant adhesive composition. It is important that between the plates of the insulator were not even minimal cracks, because they leak heat.

Finishing the loggia

Finishing materials that will be used for the decoration of the loggia, also selected with the expectation that they could provide good insulation. As you know, of facing materials the best level of insulation has the wood. So on the floor you can lay solid wood, while the walls and ceiling sheathe clapboard or wall panels of wood.

Such a comprehensive approach to the repair of the loggia will allow you to increase your protection from heat loss. Therefore, the owner will receive one more useful room. It can be adapted for use as an office, gym or relaxation room. Although in winter, this loggia will still be cold.