The peel penetrates deep into the skin, this differs from the scrubs, which cleans only the top layer of the skin.

For this procedure well-suited to simple table salt or sea.

Lie down in the bath and a good steam your body. When you feel that your skin is sufficiently warmed, apply salt in a circular motion. Possibly get a special glove, so it will be easier to carry out peeling. Hard rubbing is not necessary, but must be felt. The skin should be slightly red, but not present pain.

Give special attention to those areas on the body, which in your opinion is not quite perfect. The duration of treatment should not exceed 10 minutes, otherwise due to hand fatigue will disappear any fun.

Don't forget to get pleasure from taking Spa treatments!

Could not buy in the store ready peeling? Do it yourself! Take sea salt, add the honey or olive oil and gently massaging the skin for five minutes — a great alternative to anti-cellulite massage.

A spoonful of fine salt and ground "Hercules" to mix, pour a little oil (preferably olive), apply to a washcloth and RUB for 5 minutes. Skin will be like silk. Salt and oats are allowed to substitute ground coffee. This procedure will reward the skin with a slight tan.

A decoction of corn porridge is useful to use on the body. But Hercules is perfect for use on the face. The mass is rubbed not strong massaging movements and rinse with warm water. If there is no time or desire to cook a cleanser, you can just hard to RUB the body of the mitten.

In sour cream add salt, then the skin will become softer, thanks to the useful milk ingredients. The seaweed in this procedure not only cleanse, but will make the skin more smooth and pleasantly freshen it. Algae clean out all the pores and give their nutrients that they contain.

After peeling moisten the skin with lotion. The mask would have a greater effect on the skin, if you do them after the procedure.