Advice 1: Effective and natural scrub of coffee

Natural cosmetics is famous for its useful properties. There are no chemicals or any foreign substance that can harm our skin. Plus the ingredients are pretty cheap, and you can find them at home.
Effective and natural scrub of coffee

Scrub from natural ground coffee is a great tool. It will help to get rid of the initial manifestation of cellulite, make the skin soft and velvety. In addition, the scrub smells good.

How it works

In the composition of coffee is caffeine which stimulates blood circulation, accelerates metabolic processes in cells, removes liquid from the cells, thereby eliminating cellulite. The scrub can be used for varicose veins.

3 preparation

1. The use of pre-ground coffee.

2. Buy coffee in grains and independently to grind it.

3. Use coffee grounds left after drinking coffee.

Any of the three options for its own good. But for best effect should stop focusing on the second method.

So, we figured out, but need auxiliary ingredients. You can add honey (if not allergic to it), vegetable and essential oils.

For making the scrub for one application we need to take 2 tablespoons of coffee 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil. Next, combine both ingredients, add hot water and bring the scrub to a thick cream. Honey and essential oils added as desired.

How to store

To store the prepared scrub should be refrigerated, but not more than 4 days. For best effect it is desirable to prepare the scrub for one use.

How to apply it

Can be used on any area of the body. Take the scrub from the container, RUB the palms and apply to the skin massage movements. Just do it gently – you don't need much to RUB, thus you will do more harm than good! It is desirable to apply the scrub onto pre-steamed skin, and the best – in the bath or sauna. Then all washed off with warm water and apply nourishing cream. Apply no more than three times a week.

Try to use natural remedies, be healthy and beautiful.

Advice 2: How to make scrub from coffee

Coffee scrub is perfectly tones, makes the skin soft and incomparable flavor. Use it preferably in the morning as the caffeine coming from coffee grounds, into the blood and invigorates. To make the scrub with your hands is quite easy and fast thing to have on hand a pack of ground coffee.
How to make scrub from coffee
Brew soluble coffee. The thick squeeze through cheesecloth and lightly fry it in the pan. Mix dried grounds with cream, unsweetened yogurt or sour cream. Mix thoroughly and apply to the skin. Massage with your hands or a soft sponge 2-5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. This scrub can dye the leather in a chocolate color.
Press the grounds from brewed coffee. Add a few drops of any essential oil. As a basis you can use sour cream, shower gel, non-greasy cream or yogurt. If you have oily skin, the best choice would be to use shower gel. Mix coffee grounds with you any suitable means and apply to damp skin. Massage in a circular motion for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.
If you try to whiten skin, do not use the coffee scrub, the result will be the opposite, and all the efforts that you made to whiten, will be in vain. Coffee scrub is ideal for people who dream of tanned skin.
Useful advice
It is not recommended to use soluble coffee, if it is not pre-cooked. It strongly stains the skin, and the caffeine comes into your bloodstream is so high that can adversely affect the heart. Brewed coffee contains the minimum dose of caffeine and do not pose a risk to the cardiovascular system.
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