You will need
  • - natural ground coffee;
  • water;
  • - boiling water.
Get yourself a Cup of coffee. To do this, pour in the boiling water cold water, add ground coffee at the rate of 1 teaspoon with the top of a Cup of beverage and put on the smallest fire.
Once the liquid heats up, its surface will begin to appear foam. Gently with a teaspoon put the foam into the Cup. Now wait until the coffee starts to boil. You will notice that the foam on its surface became larger, and she began to rise. At this point turn off the heat under the boiling water.
Remove the pots from the stove and pour the coffee into a Cup. If your goal is coffee grounds, add to drink milk, not sugar. Grab a coffee, and the rest on the bottom of the thick pour onto a plate or sheet of paper and a good dry.
You can use coffee grounds alone as a scrub during each reception of a bath, or enter it in a homemade cosmetics.

A couple times a week while taking bath, RUB coffee grounds in problem areas of your body. The longer and more you do it the faster you will see smoother skin, leaves cellulite and sagging.
If you are a lover of the Russian bath, take a bath in coffee grounds. After a steamy coffee peeling efficiency increases several times.
Use coffee grounds as a facial scrub. The remedy will remove dead skin cells, restoring the skin soft and velvety. In addition, coffee is rich in trace elements to improve skin condition.
If you have too sensitive skin, before use, add coffee to the hood in your favorite shower gel. Or, if you are going to handle face - to milk cleanser.