1. Avoid hot styling instruments

Do not use them at all is hard enough, but try as little as possible to do it (only for special occasions). Even when used properly, they can cause irreparable harm to the hair, making their life cycle is shorter. The hair is very perishable, because it violated their structure and in the future there will be only one way out – a haircut.

2. Moisturize hair

This is a very important point. Buy a good tool or make it yourself. Moisturizing product helps the hair to retain necessary moisture and nourishes them to the very depths of the hair follicle. And moisture need not only hair but also skin.

3. Food

Proper nutrition in General is important for the health of our entire body, the hair are no exception. With the help of a balanced diet can improve the quality of hair. They will become more healthy and beautiful. What must be added to the diet? To stimulate growth and improve the structure need to eat foods that are rich in omega-3, iron, zinc, protein. The growth of the hair follicles will increase if you eat sufficient red fish, meat, chicken.

4. Vitamins

The food itself is very important, but sometimes it is not enough to fully provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals. And they need to maintain health, including hair. With the right choice of vitamins which will help you to make the doctor-trichologist, your hair will become healthier and more beautiful than ever.

5. Trim the ends

It's a must. Other way to give a nice view of split ends is not. This should be done every two months, then your hair will always look well-groomed. If you're not going to do, then splitting from the tips can reach the middle and even higher. It may seem that the hair does not grow.

With regard to hair growth can be stimulate by using masks, for example, with olive oil.

6. Don't wash your hair with very hot water

Even if you like to take hot showers after work and a busy day, do not wash your hair with that water. It is best to use warm water if you want them shiny and soft. Hot water is very harmful to the hair, especially if you often wash the head.

7. Balm

Do not overdo it with cosmetics for hair – conditioning, balm. Use them on the ends, starting from mid length, but not on the roots – it will revitalize their appearance, make it more soft, and you can easily put your favorite hairstyle.

These are simple tips. Perhaps you have already heard. Try to apply them regularly to your hair literally shone with health and beauty.