The choice of the topic

It all begins with this paragraph. In the choice of topics could be guided by very different principles. This can be a particular search phrase, which you need to optimize your article to attract traffic, and maybe the author wants to share personal experiences, or a reaction to some event, news article and so on. But the author needs to decide what will be discussed in the publication.

And still need to choose such topics in which the author is well-versed. Each publication on the website is primarily designed for visitors, not for search robots. So if the author poorly versed in the subject, then, most likely, will not work to write quality articles.


Next you need to name a future article. It also helps to define the framework within which should remain to the author. In General, the first version of the title does not have to meet all requirements. In the end, when the article is ready, you can change the title and make it the most relevant content. But the title should be attractive and to conform to the rules of SEO.

The introductory part

This part of the article, including the heading, perform a very important function - captures the reader's attention. Therefore, in the first paragraph of the article is desirable to present this information that will appeal to the audience, which encourages people to further study material. Here can be a hint about what will be discussed in the main part of the article may give some intrigue or something. Also works well the technique of focusing on a specific issue that is considered in the article.

The main part

Well, here the author needs to play better. It is necessary to provide the reader with comprehensive information on the main issue. You can also add article some interesting information that also helps to keep the audience's attention.

To facilitate the writing of the article, you can first sketch out a little plan of breaking information on the main points. Then the author will remain open each item in separate paragraphs, and the article is almost ready. By the way, you should not write the text with a solid wall, because it will be difficult to read. Be sure to break it up into separate paragraphs at small sizes.

When writing the article should preferably be guided by the understanding that readers often in front of an attentive reading of the first flick through the post to understand how to Express their thoughts. It helps a lot in writing the article. Thus, the use of subheadings and lists helps to highlight the main points in the article that works very well in a cursory reading of the article, and search engine optimization suitable.


The article needs to Express thoughts clearly and to the point. It is not necessary to deviate from the main topic, so if the author wants to tell something extra, it is better to write a separate article and point a link to it at the appropriate place of primary publication. These contextual links help not only to follow the mainstream thoughts, but also to diversify the content of the site. It's also a way of internal linking that helps to keep users, and also improves the internal factors of the website.


When the article is written, you must proofread it, correct mistakes, and it is now possible to publish it on the website. When you publish, it is also desirable to vary the text content appropriate symbols, which must also be unique. Still, one should set the title and meta description in the appropriate tags, because it helps to improve the visibility of a website in search results.


As you can see, writing articles is not so difficult. All that is required is to first become familiar with the subject, make a plan and reveal each item. Almost everyone is able to cope with this task. Professional different here only because it can tell interestingly about boring and simple. And to teach instruction will not work, because it only comes with experience. So to improve the quality of articles you need to write a lot and often, and then eventually readers will become many times more.