Household you can maintain easily and economically if it is to plan, plan to target. We all know what does the word "economy" is the successful management of the home. In the modern world people rely on intuition and experience, at least for some patterns.

The household is enormous and immense as life itself. The house is a reflection of its owners, it requires constant attention. So the problem is not absorbed, we must learn to crush to pieces the household chores and to pursue them with joy and ease. Much depends on my mood, from rationality. It is impossible to be a woman workhorse that, trying not to hear criticism, it's just distracting from the forces in restoring order in the house. Then will come the hatred of the household and its management is a burden, and will certainly be draining negativity on others.

When this appears and how to avoid negativity? Creating a kind good mistress, a woman constantly rubs and vacuuming, brings cleanliness to the detriment of their interests, it all comes to a neurosis on the basis of the household, destroying the psyche and life balance. The house need not for show, but for myself, need to find new ways to maintain order.

It is useful to divide the area into parts and every week to do only one and not all at once. Things should be place, and unnecessary and old – for recycling. When the house is a minimum of stuff to keep it clean is very simple. Housing is not a Museum, people living in it, leave traces of disorder, we must learn to take it easy. The most reasonable every day to devote to cleanliness and order about 15 minutes, no need to stretch the pleasure for more than an hour. Fatigue will only irritation and hatred.

You clocking your activity timer, pawing at the shelf, in the wardrobe Department. Rest – next time. Planning, cleaning small portions will benefit and will cause a good mood, and will keep the nervous system.

In the kitchen, bathroom and toilet after your stay, leave clean these places will not have again to return to them. Most often in the kitchen to wash the plate when she's not dirty you can just wipe it with a napkin. Also needs attention is the refrigerator. The family should all have their duties, if performed, and problems with the cleaning in the house no. And most importantly, what everyone wants is comfort and psychological comfort.