Top of the wrong ingredients for the masks:

1.) Baking soda

In many articles and video blogs you can hear and read about the miraculous effect of baking soda, about her magic power cleaning of the skin. But don't be susceptible to alluring promises, because the soda is alkaline. In contact with the skin it contributes to the destruction of the protective layer of the skin, thus exposing it to the effects of germs and bacteria. Soda also dehydrates the skin that can later lead to irritation or allergic reactions.

2.) Lemon

Do not use concentrated lemon juice because it is pure acid, which negatively affects the condition of the skin, dry it out and may be the cause of hyperpigmentation.

3.) Toothpaste

Many have heard that if applied on the affected and irritated place a little toothpaste, it will remove the redness and dried the damaged area. But do not forget that the toothpaste can break the lipid barrier in the application and in nearby areas, and some types of pasta can cause irreparable damage to the skin in the form of burns. Therefore, it would be more rational to replace the toothpaste tea tree oil to dry and irritated skin.

4.) Vaseline

It can be used once a year, but it is better not to apply to the skin. It accumulates under the skin and in the future may be the cause of increased secretion of the sebaceous glands.

5.) Hydrogen peroxide

Peroxide is indispensable in the case of treatment of wounds and abrasions, because it kills the germs and cleans the wound. But in any case, do not use it as element in the mask, because the peroxide contributes to oxidative stress resulting in accelerated aging of the skin.

6.) Sugar

Sugar is perfect when making a body scrub, but in any case, do not use it as an ingredient to mask the skin, it is better to stop your eyes on the powdered sugar.

7.) Alcohol

Undoubtedly, kills and destroys the protective barrier of the skin and helps dissolve skin cells. This negatively affects the process of regeneration and desquamation, which leads to clogging of the pores, copious fat and the appearance of comedones.

For health and beautiful appearance of their skin, it is important to remember all these banned ingredients, and in any case do not experiment on your health.