In the snow you can dig a trench, parapet, and five of them – actually a fortified area. You can build a snow Fort and fight for it with such fury, that in five minutes it will look pastry the most brilliant abstract paintings.

Winter paintball is a good test of endurance. If the ground is not trampled and the battle goes in the snow, it's not on the meadow of jumping. Actions are constrained, too slow, and therefore, need to be more calculating, far-sighted, wiser. Through the snow go and still runs.

There are some technical difficulties with winter paintball. The usual problem is the balls, which freeze slightly, break inside the marker, and fly out of the barrel of the spray. This means that you need to choose a club where there is a special winter "cartridges".

Clothes too have all right to provide. Of course, to take a change of wool socks and dress by cabbage – the more layers, the better. Single, albeit warm, the suit will get soaked faster. And the club need to choose the civilized. Where, at least, there are warm dressing rooms. But if the club arranges off-site event in some wild place, it is desirable that was broken from the base camp at least a basic tent stoves.