Of course, it is impossible to offer generic advice for the placement of the sofa, because the location of Windows and doors, as well as the size of rooms varies greatly, but let's think about where to put the sofa in rooms of different sizes.

The room very small area is difficult to come up with interesting placement of the sofa. For a room of 8-12 square meters it is better to purchase a compact sofa bed with drawers for storage. Have, of course, put the sofa along the wall, but the other way in this situation, unfortunately, no.

The rooms are medium in size, it is already possible to move the sofa away from the wall, putting back a small chest of drawers, a bookcase, or place the sofa in front of the window. Thus the sofa will serve as a recreational area, especially if in front of a sofa to accommodate a large coffee table and a few chairs. Good choice of sofa will also be a special rack, which provided a niche for the sofa or bed.

Куда поставить диван в комнате

But in the rooms from 20-24 square meters with the placement of the sofa and you can dream up. It can, for example, to place in the middle of the room, hanging in front of the sofa TV or preceded by a musical instrument.

Куда поставить диван в комнате

Useful tip: if you plan to put the sofa against the wall, please note that back of it was lined with the same material as the front. Otherwise, you will have to think of something to disguise the ugly back, for example, to build a decorative wall behind the sofa or put any size chest.