Dramamine is an impulsive desire to change places, wandering, sudden journeys. Not to be confused with dromomania desire of the person a lot and travel frequently. The main feature of the disease is the suddenness. For example, while watching TV, people can dramatically get up from the couch and, taking with itself any things, to travel. This disease it is necessary to notice, such as leaving home can become systematic, eventually buying impulsiveness and suddenness. However, for the diagnosis of this disease is not enough alone to frequent travel.

The most common symptoms that will help you to diagnose dromomania the person is a total lack of accountability and the lack of a precise plan, which is usually followed by leaving on a journey. The person who is sick with dromomania, can throw in need of care relative, small child or a pet on the street and leave. As a rule, the attacks are accompanied by symptoms of anxiety, which are usually held at the beginning of the path. Usually people suffering from this disease, can not take, for example, the necessary things, documents and money on the road. Move in the course of their journey they by hitchhiking, or "hare", i.e., not paying the ticket on the train, bus or taxi. The causes of disease myriad. The most frequently among all the reasons stands out the formation of emotions, a kind of temporary insanity, inherent in the psyche from birth, in which man can not control their own actions.

Also a common cause of development of dramamine can also be a psychological disease that most don't take into consideration. Such diseases include schizophrenia, epilepsy, hysteria, when people do not have the ability to control your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behavior, as among relatives and in public places. In most cases, the person is not subjected to special treatment, only suggest others to watch it. As a rule, dramamine runs independently and does not require urgent intervention of a psychiatrist. But if the symptoms of dramamine doesn't go away within two to three months, and his behavior becomes increasingly unpredictable, the patient must see a doctor to choose the most soft, but at the same time effective treatment that can completely or partially remove symptoms.