For example, if you are in a severe mental state after a terrible working day when the boss was constantly dissatisfied with something, colleagues were gossiping about you, coffee spilled, and a whole pile of bad things happened in just a couple of hours, then you can do some quite simple things that you can easily do at home. It is clear that more severe, prolonged and severe stress require treatment in the neurological centres to the relevant doctor.


So that stress helps green tea. Several mugs after a day's work – and you don't so much hate the world. No less easy by the way, although quite a plan – it's sports. Perform a number of exercises that not only helps your figure, but also relieving stress. Because your brain is in sports did not focus on the problems that exist throughout life, and the work of muscles and their pleasant fatigue due to exercise.

There is another way of getting rid of stress. You take a white sheet of paper and write on it all the problems and feelings that oppress you from within. Of course, once you see some of them on paper, then immediately understand what to solve them it makes no sense and all these items are not too similar to the real problem. Accordingly, after the sample load on your shoulders is significantly reduced, and to find a solution to the problems, invested in a specific form of words, it is much easier and faster.


Helps get rid of stress deep breathing. Those who have problems with Smoking, know it well. As soon as there is stress, there is a burning desire to smoke, in fact it is the body sends a signal that he needed a deep breath. But with Smoking, the situation is completely the opposite. The body during stress test want to get more oxygen, which would normalise the functioning of the brain and all internal organs, but instead of pure oxygen through the lungs to the brain flying portion of poison, the body does not understand what it is trying to get enough oxygen even more, and this time permanently poisons the brain and entire circulatory system. Thus, man not only did not get rid of the stress, but also to increase the suffering of his body, and then comes the logical chain of events. The body, being perfect in the field of self-regulation requires a "legitimate" oxygen, but people who have the bad habit, begins to think that he again wants to smoke because last time it seems to have helped, and again poisons the body. There is a simple and completely free way to get rid of this kind of chronic stress. Instead of addiction, you should go to the balcony and just breathe deeply for a minute or two. And back to the room, so you deprive yourself of feelings of stress, and the body will answer you with amazing performance!