For starters, you need to think whether you are ready for this important step. In fact, it's not easy to become parents, in fact, someone else's child. And if you said pity or misplaced in this case altruism for adoption, this is a bad reason. Unfortunately, in the event of a failed adoption, the output is only the return of the child in an orphanage. And it is a huge stress for the child, and a real tragedy for your family. Before you decide on adoption, walk for the courses of adoptive parents. Such trainings are held by psychologists with the future parents who are going to adopt, take guardianship or foster care of a child. The courses will tell you, what challenges you have to face how to solve all the problems, how to learn how to respond to the child's behavior and most importantly – how to get yourself if not love, then at least make. Going to these classes better with her husband.

If after exercising your desire to adopt only grew stronger, the time has come to apply to local bodies of guardianship and guardianship. There you will be given a list of necessary documents and certificates that need to collect and present them. If the adopting family, then help you can gather and the husband and wife personally. To get started, contact the local police Department for getting a certificate of no criminal record. It is done during the month. During this time, pass a medical examination and will receive a report on the state of your health on a special form approved by the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. Head of employment certificate of your income (W-2). The settlement centre will receive a copy of the personal account and an extract from the house register. If you are a landlord, provide a copy of the certificate of ownership. Write a brief autobiography. Make copies of passport and marriage certificate.

Collected information and documents present in the guardianship. If everything is processed correctly, you will be given a survey of living conditions. Thereafter, the guardianship shall issue a conclusion whether you can become a guardian or not. In the case of a negative decision, you have the right to appeal. If the decision is positive, you can begin the search for the child. But the procedure of transferring the child into the family and the adoption is performed only by the decision of the court.