You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - phone/smartphone.
Install certificate for Nokia. Download and install a Java Runtime Environment, download it on the link Also download and install the application to work with memory of phone MobiMb –
To install the certificate on the phone using MobiMb, copy the contents of the User folder from the archive Behappy (you can download it here to a folder on your phone Hiddenfolder/certificates/user. For the version of the Nokia Series 60 folder, copy the Auth certificate Exp.cer to the root folder of your smartphone and install it. In the process of installing the certificate, select "Install applications".
Install a special certificate in Halmer phone Sony Ericsson, to prevent errors when installing themes and applications on the phone. To do this, download it to your computer via the link
Next, copy the downloaded file to a folder tpa/preset/custom or tpa/preset/default, depending on the phone model. To check, have you managed to install the certificate at the Sony Ericsson open the phone main menu, go to settings, select "Communication", then "Internet" Security – Java.
Connect the Samsung phone to the computer to install the certificate, start Microsoft ActiveSync, navigate to the folder "My documents" and create a folder "Certificates". Copy the certificate files and sync to your device. Unplug the phone. Navigate to it in main menu, select the folder "My documents" and "Certificates". Double-click the copied files to install them.