You need to carefully choose the fruits, focusing not only on the degree of their ripeness and quality, but given the flavor combination of ingredients. The amount and type of liquids that you add in fruit cocktail, has a huge impact on the flavor and consistency of the drink. You can also add other ingredients to increase the nutrient density of your shake to change the taste.

  1. Take the fruit you want to add to the cocktail. Use only the ripe and fragrant fruit. Join in the cocktail fruit with different flavors. For example, tangerine will add a sweet and at the same time, spicy citrus flavor, and the bananas give a creamy sweetness. Mixing different flavors, you can cook more sophisticated cocktail than using similar flavors in one drink.

  2. Add 1 Cup of the fluid you chose in the blender. Among the options – soy milk, regular milk, yogurt, juice or water. If you like thinner smoothies, add 2 cups. Better to add less, in order to correct the consistency.

  3. Add the fruit to the blender. If necessary, cut the fruit into pieces. You can also add honey, spirulina or protein powder.

  4. Start to grind the ingredients in a blender on low speed, gradually increasing it to the maximum. Whisk until a homogeneous consistency.

  5. Try the cocktail. If it is too thick, add more liquid. If too liquid, add fruit. You can tweak the flavor and degree of sweetness. If the cocktail is too sweet, squeeze a little lemon juice. If it's too sweet, add honey. Again shake the cocktail in a blender and try to verify that you achieved the desired taste.