The main feature of the children's fear is the scale of the situations or items that could cause alarm or panic in a child. The source of feelings of fear can be an object, an animal, a certain atmosphere or environment. In most cases, the parents themselves provoke fear in a child, telling scary stories, scaring the baby fictional characters and other situations.

The main causes of fear in a child are:

  • fear, which is literally imposed by their parents;
  • the fear resulting from constant humiliation of a child by adults;
  • the presence of dysfunctional family environments;
  • the lack of attention from parents to the child's development;
  • excessive concern about the baby.

All these factors almost always become causes in children fears slowly turn into phobias. For example, if mom or dad was bitten by a dog, the situation becomes a permanent warning to the child. The child's mind perceives the animal as a source of danger and a dog there is a real panic attack. A similar situation can be observed with natural phenomena, other wildlife, insects, reptiles, certain people (strangers or the elderly).

Fears can arise in children due to the lack of or excessive care by parents. In the first case the child is left alone with their anxieties and amplifies them using their imagination. In the second situation the parents are trying to protect the child from any source of danger, because of what the kid may be afraid even for at least a minute to be alone.

If the child is afraid of the dark, animals or finds other sources for the alarm, such manifestations are in any case impossible to ignore. Otherwise, you will have to treat the child's psyche for a long time. If correction child's fear can't hold their own, then you need to seek help from professionals.