As resting - 2016

In 2016 the new year holidays in Russia will be celebrated from January 1 (Friday) January 10 (Sunday). In accordance with the labor legislation dates from the 1st to the 8th of January are non-working days, timed to the celebration of New year and Christmas, and on 9 and 10 January fall on Saturday and Sunday.

Weekends 2 and 3 January falling on the new year holidays, in accordance with the decree of the Ministry of labor in 2016 will not be "add on" to the winter holidays – they are March and may.

Thursday 31 December in accordance with the labor legislation, a pre-holiday working day working day reduced by one hour.

Weekend on February 23 in 2016

The defender of the Fatherland day, celebrated on February 23 in 2016, falls on a Tuesday. In honor of this holiday in Russia will rest for three consecutive days since Sunday (21 Feb) and ending with 23.

But on Saturday 20 February will be working – the Russians will fulfill her "for Monday to weekend on February 23 was continuous. This day will also be reduced.

As we rest on March 8

Celebrating International women's day in 2016 will be extended to four days rest in a row. March 8, 2016 falls on a Tuesday, and on 7 March moved off-day from Sunday 3 January. So in the end the four-day March break are:

  • March 5 – Saturday, day off
  • March 6 – Sunday, day off
  • March 7 – Monday, day off (transfer from Sunday 3 January),
  • March 8 – Tuesday, festive day.

May holidays – 2016

May 2016 will be full of non-working days – in the "first may" the Russians will have 4 days in a row, Victory Day celebrations will last three days.

The day of Spring and Labor day, a national holiday on may 1 this year falls on a Sunday. In accordance with Russian legislation, in this case, the day is automatically transferred to the following Sunday holiday Monday 2 may. And on the third of may moved the day from Saturday 2 January. Total, may 1, in 2016 in Russia will be four days off in a row.

Schedule shifts weekends may 1 looks like this:

  • April 30 – Saturday, day off
  • May 1 – Sunday, the festive day,
  • May 2 – Monday, day off (transfer from Sunday 1 may)
  • May 3 – Tuesday, day off (transfer from Saturday 3 January).

May 9, Victory Day in 2016 falls on a Monday. Therefore, in Russia in honor of this holiday will rest for three consecutive days – Saturday and Sunday may 7 and 8, and the following day. No breaks for weekends on may 9 is not provided.

As we rest in June and November 2016

The day of Russia celebrated on June 12, will also be marked by a three-day vacation. The holiday falls on a Sunday, so the weekend would be rescheduled for Monday, June 13, and "add on" to the Saturday and Sunday, so the date of vacation in June 2016 – from 11 to 13.

The day of national unity celebrated November 4. In 2016 it will be Friday. Therefore, no shifts holidays is not expected, holiday will go into the weekend in total relax in Russia will be from 4 to 6 November, and the work day on Thursday 3 November will be shortened.