You will need
  • Skills of work with computer on user level, computer with Internet access.
Firm Microsoft has always paid great attention to network technologies, including Internet browser, the included in any version of Windows operating system. March 19, 2009, the company introduced a new version of Internet Explorer 8 (abbreviated IE8). This browser is no exception, and after some time becomes stale without updates. Often with the latest version of the updates fixed any bugs in the operation of the previous version or just add new functions.
Usually Windows is set up so that checks for existing update, the developer automatically, in accordance with its schedule. In this case, your browser needs to be updated.
If you have auto updates disabled, open Internet Explorer 8. In menu "tools" select "Windows update". The browser can offer you different options for updates. Select any suitable option that corresponds to all the most important and the last changes will be made.
Since the browser is integrated into the operating system, and updates its free – the best option is to update directly through the official site or server Microsoft.
Another option for updates may be offered to you when you visit the official website To do this in the search box write the query "update internet explorer 8". You will be found links to possible options and their description.
A more radical method, which should bow in case of updates when serious bugs or the inability to use previous versions of the updates is to reinstall the browser. For this purpose, by analogy with the preceding paragraph, download the installation file of the browser and start the installation. The antivirus program may warn you about changes on your computer, in the case of downloading the installation file from the official site, allow the installation. In the installation dialogs, you must put a tick in "allow updates".