You will need
  • Plastic bottles, duct tape, fabric for cover.
Things made with your own hands, make the house warm, cozy, animate, emphasize the individuality of the owners. Pouf is not only a decor element, but a functional object, it can perfectly replace the chair and, if necessary, and a coffee table. To make an Ottoman out of plastic bottles with their hands quite simple, it does not require any special skills or any skills.
To start take the blanks – take a plastic bottle of slightly different diameter, wide, trim the spout and insert them in the narrow of the bottle, twist on the tube. Collect blanks in the panel on 5-6 pieces, connecting them in series with tape. The next step fold the panels to each other, secure them with tape, you get a box. It can be any size. To poof with side 35х50х50 cm, you will need 70 bottles.
The final form of the product will give the holster may be sewn from fabric, to tie, to weave the macrame style – a lot of options. Prepare a pattern in accordance with the size of the beanbag, sew the fabric on the sewing machine, insert the perimeter of the castle-the zipper to cover easily removed for washing. Put the finished cover on the Ottoman of plastic bottles.