This question has very simple answer: almost every website or blog counters of attendance from different services.

Here are the most common types of counters on the Internet:

Usually these counters are installed in the bottom of the page or on the sidebar. To see the statistics of the website, click on the counter you will see the page with the data from which you can learn the following details (depending on counter):

  • The popularity index of the site
  • How many website visitors per hour/day/week/month
  • How many pages viewed per hour/day/week/month

An example of a table of statistics of the Rambler:

But not always statistics are open webmaster for all to see. How can that be?

Some tricks will help us in this case:

  • To see just the statistics - the number of visitors and hits of the website at the present time, during the day, week, or month, in search your browser needs to enter the following query:

  • Instead of combining your.the website need to enter the address of the website, attendance at which you want to view and press Enter. You will receive information similar to this:

LI_site = '';

LI_month_hit = 1390420; - Views for the month

LI_month_vis = 498867; - Visitors per month

LI_week_hit = 300208; - Views for a week

LI_week_vis = 115751; - Visitors in a week

LI_day_hit = 46376; - Views per day

LI_day_vis = 18471; - Visitors per day

LI_today_hit = 28900; - Views 24 hours

LI_today_vis = 11534; - Visitors in 24 hours

LI_online_hit = 704; - Viewings now

LI_online_vis = 294; - Visitors now

If the label will be like this: LI_error = 'Unregistered site: your.the website'means the website not the meter is installed and we need to use other ways. For example, to install the browser plugin RDS Bar, then when you view any page of the site, the plugin will automatically show not only attendance, but also other useful indicators: PR, TIC, the presence of site in directories, external links, indexed pages and more.