There is a belief that the Jews are very smart people. My thesis: the Jews special innate intelligence is not different from any other people. The difference in education. Yes. It is in education. They raise their children is brilliant. Lay them in a brilliant start, that is, the child from infancy constantly hears the appeal to him that he is a genius. You just think about it... How many opportunities gives the child such a position! The little man grows confident, their abilities. It is not blamed for any blunders. It just did not pay attention, or calmly explain how to do it correctly. While it is constantly praised for any correct and active step.

What makes a smart parent this method? It motivates the child to work, to experiment and to develop. Little man lives with the sense that everything he does is genius! It puts some responsibility on him. For example, it is unbecoming for a brilliant child to do poorly in school, with a brilliant mind to obtain the two or not understand some rule. Once you're a genius - you should always confirm. We are proud of you and believe in you.

And as they educate our children? Just say – not all parents treat their children. Not all of them. We have a smart and thinking several steps ahead of parents who know about the power of suggestion and the importance of laying the Foundation in people from infancy.

Unfortunately, you sometimes hear and is (from overheard on the Playground, in shops and public transport):

Where are you going?!

Who asked you?!

Would have sat!..

My eyes would not see!

And try to only bring a deuce - get it!

Here's a parasite!

Are you normal?!

I wish I'd never gave birth!

All children as children - and you...!

You have your hands from one place grow up!

Once will do - I will kill you!

All my dad!

I told you to shut up!

The strap itself will bring?

And what is my punishment?!

This, perhaps, will stop. While writing, the most became ill. And if for a moment to imagine yourself in the place of a child who hears all this? Yes, even when it sees the furious face of his beloved parent?... Just think, what happens to the psyche of the child? Will he after said to know that to move forward, okay? That the world is friendly? That any initiative will be supported and he will succeed? Or go drink beer with companions, because there is in mind a conviction of his unworthiness and bad luck?..

Forget, erase from your vocabulary all such demotivators. Instead, sow a habit to praise and support the child.

Below are phrases that make our children strong, brave, positive, active, thoughtful, caring - brilliant:

Daddy, look what our baby is doing fine!

You will definitely pass the exam (write control)!

You're so smart

You will do it!

Keep trying - you will cope!

You definitely will win (will win)!

What a good thing you have me there!

What do you think, son?

It's great when you help!

Tell me about your plans.

Dad (mom) love you very much!

Are you doing unique things (draw, write, design)!

You are our pride!

Don't know about you, but I have these words evoke a warm smile on her face, the desire to do and to find happiness. Teach, dear parents, your children desire to live and love! And your children will grow up genius!

If you review the list will continue motivating phrases, that would greatly help the parents who are to start to exercise, really need good examples.