You will need
  • computer;
  • tutorials for programming;
  • compiler;
  • - the Internet.
Decide which type of game you want to do. Think about what genre you prefer: adventure, racing, strategy, etc. In the first stage you need not complicate the schedule. Choose a simple design. For starters, take note of examples like Tetris or space invaders. Do not try to design the popular role-playing game with hundreds of different characters, 3D graphics and incredible sound effects.
Select the language for creating the game. Recommended for this purpose: C or C ++ since most games are programmed in the language. Additionally, there are numerous resources and benefits for them. You can choose either C or C ++ because once you master one, you can learn easily and other.
Download the compiler to your computer. You can first write the game code in Notepad, but you will need a compiler to create your own program, because it converts the code so your computer could run the program. Look in the resources section a list of free compilers for C and C + +.
Learn a language for creating games. The best way to do this is to enroll, but if you can't afford it, either buy a allowance for yourself or take a subscription to the library where you will find books on programming. You can also use online sources to write your own program, but you need to buy the book.
Start writing your own program to play once you have mastered the basic knowledge of the selected programming language. Tetris is the best option to start, since this program includes all the components you will need to learn to do to create your game. Just change some parts and design your creation.