You will need
  • - computer keyboard;
  • - broken synth/electronic piano;
  • - soldering iron.
Use a special program to make a MIDI keyboard from a regular computer. For example, FL studio, Bome's Mouse Keyboard, Virtual_MIDI_Keyboard. Download app Virtual midi piano, click on the link This program will allow you to reassign keys your keyboard to use as MIDI.
Find an old broken synth, remove it from the row of keys, the rest discard. You can use any device, most importantly, at the time a key is pressed is short-circuited two pins. In this case you can use for making MIDI keyboard baby electronic piano toy.
Take the junk computer keyboard, she must be working and have a USB output. This is necessary for simultaneous operation of computer keyboard and MIDI. Take it apart you will see that the moment you click on different "film" closes the two contacts, it starts from the Board, which, in turn, also has two sides with contacts. On a sheet of paper, write down which contacts correspond to which buttons. Follow the order of the keys, to avoid confusion.
Solder for each contact of a payment transaction with a length of 15-25 cm with bare end. This is required to solder the wires from the piano keys to the Board, as there is little space, and it will be easier to twist. Take the keys of the piano, solder for each contact of a key on the wiring. You will receive a number of keys with the bristles.
Take a sheet of paper with the diagram and twist the wires from a piano with wires from a computer keyboard. Open the Virtual midi piano and go to the tab "edit", select "key Bindings" and assign the desired buttons. Exit the program. Creating midi keyboard complete.