Scientists and educators argue that the most important role in the development of the newborn plays the child. Immediately after birth, his body included natural mechanisms aimed at knowledge of the world. Help Mama needs to be in order not to disturb the baby, watch him and to create a developing environment.

Educational environment for a child up to six months

This environment is called the life space of the child, designed to safely stimulate the development of the newborn. The baby learns mainly myself, and the fact that it is near, his feelings almost exclusively visual and tactile. Therefore, it is important to provide around the child the presence of different textures: flannel, paper, cotton, rubber, and plastics.

One and a half month run of psychomotor processes at this time often need to take the child in his arms to increase his visibility. After two months, the child already needs help to reach various items. Not to serve him, and to create the conditions. Often put on the floor, having spread a soft cloth and lay it on bright objects that a child can learn. Necessarily items, not toys!

Developing environment from six months to a year

Delays in development can be attributed to a permanent stay of the child in the crib. At this age the baby need to crawl. Being on the floor, he is not only sitting and crawling, but also learning to stand up. To encourage these attempts, lay on the couch with different interesting subjects so that the child saw you do it. From the floor to the kid not to see that on the couch, and he'll have to pull yourself up, leaning on the sofa.

In this age indicator the proper development of the child is also spreading them items. Need to throw and destroy at this age is very important for development, it should be encouraged: for example, to give the baby to tear the newspaper, to scatter mom built a tower out of blocks.

Special attention should be given to the beloved of all children from six months to a year to poke a finger in the buttons and holes. Bright books with holes old phone – all of which can satisfy such need, it should go in, this will help the child develop fine motor finger, which is very important for the development of intelligence.