You will need
  • tile PVC;
  • glue for PVC tiles;
  • - notched trowel;
  • - a rubber roller or a rolling pin;
  • - polishing tool.
For laying tiles PVC floors align perfectly. The screed apply a self-leveling composition with a thickness of 2-3 mm. the surface should be clean and dry, without traces of paint and wax. Tile PVC and adhesive must be kept for two days in the room where it will be glued tiles, at a temperature of from 18 to 29 degrees. The same temperature must be within two days after the tile stickers.
Tile PVC glue from the center of the room, which is locate at the intersection of lines drawn from the center of one wall to the centre of the opposite. Check how tile is laid, placing a test series without glue. If the edge is half the tiles, the starting line should move to this value.
The glue use on the recommendation of the manufacturer of tiles. Apply it to the area of the floor that will be able to hang for 1 hour, because the glue dries, and the tiles can be glued badly.
Lay the tiles into the recommended adhesive layer, applying it with a notched trowel on the base. When laying a next tile and adapt it closely to the previous one, only then laminate it with a roller or rolling pin to press to the basis. Watch out, the tile went smoothly, conducted by focusing on the starting line.
Lay tile PVC edges when you have finished laying the main space, cutting tiles to required size. After laying tiles, apply 2-3 coats of polishes. Finished floors made of tiles PVC easy to clean with detergents.