Stock market experts have traditionally advised investors to invest in shares of companies of the first echelon. In particular, in the paper the so-called "blue chip" companies gas and oil industry, for example, "Rosneft" and "Gazprom". Not less popular among domestic and foreign investors are shares of major Russian banks: VTB, "URALSIB" and, of course, of the savings Bank.

Where and how to buy shares

Today unauthorized access by small investors to the stock market is impossible. According to the Russian legislation, to acquire and sell shares in individuals can only through authorized banks, which provide services on purchase and sale of securities. To buy shares with the help of specialists of the Bank is simple: it is sufficient to have a minimum start-up capital, current account and time to analyze the current state of the stock market.

The sequence of actions the novice investor who wants to buy shares of Sberbank, as follows:
to choose a brokerage company and to enter into the brokerage contract;
- transfer money to a current account;
- to install on your computer a special program that allows you to perform various operations with securities;
- to make available to broker to buy some number of shares at a certain price and to send it to the Bank.

After that he will give at the exchange of the shares in the amount specified in the order, and will post them on your Depository account. To profit from this deal, you must implement your existing paper at a price much higher than that at which they were bought.

How to profitably sell shares

The most liquid and profitable today are ordinary shares. They are traded on the RTS and on MICEX Ticker SBER. The price of Sberbank mostly changes as well as trading index platform on which they are traded. Depending on the current situation on the market, stock prices can rise or fall, and range changes sometimes up to 10% per day. As soon as the stock price rises above the desired level, you can make the order to the broker to sell them.

The transaction you make a profit, the amount of which is equal to the amount received from the sale of shares minus cost and expenses on the payment of brokerage fees and service Deposit accounts. To profit from the sale of shares of Sberbank were significant, it is necessary to closely monitor their current market prices and in a timely manner to give the broker orders about their purchase or sale.

Over the past year, the highest price of 1 ordinary shares was varied in the range from 100,9 RUB to RUB 70,51 Consequently, shares have the potential to bring profit to investors up to 30%. However, you must remember that trading is quite risky. So that is guaranteed to make profit from investing in the shares of Sberbank, it is necessary to use the advice of professional brokers and the advice of the experienced investors.