What is the communication policy?

Under the communication policy, understand the strategy, rules and the comprehensive plan that are used to create effective interaction partners, for public relations, sales promotion, mass advertising and the sale of goods.

A set of rules for communicative behavior of firms and the interaction of trade marks, goods and the organization with the market, which determines the number of marketing tools used to achieve the goals are communicative policy. The main task of communication policy include the methods and rules of communication and the lack of unreliable sources that do not fit the goals and objectives.

The features of the communication policy

The enterprise one of the most important marketing mix is the communication policy. Its structure consists of several elements. There are such components as sales promotion, public relations, advertising and personal selling. Advertising influences consumers. This is done purposefully, and used to promote any product.

The consumer learns about the company's offers, about the quality and specificity of products and services thanks to advertising. TV, radio, ads are forms of its implementation. In communication policy develop an important promotional programme. First we need to set goals and define specific objectives. After this calculated the budget, sets the schedule of the advertising message, the choice of media, etc.

When the organization is fully carried out, all compiled, there is the issue of advertising. At the final stage it is necessary to study the effectiveness and summarize the results. An important element of the communication policy is the promotion. It is based on a set of measures for granting of discounts, credits, coupons, products, etc. sales Promotion is a wide field for the manifestation of creative thinking.

Public relations plays an important role in communications policy. When a consumer has a negative attitude toward the company, you should not expect anything good. To interact with the public advocate to establish contacts, to inform about the novelties, peculiarities, achievements, etc. should Not be released from the attention of other organizations and government bodies that it is also necessary to establish contact.

Personal selling is a personal contact of buyer and sales agent. Personal selling is an effective means of influence on the consumer. When will set individual contact, the seller understand the buyer's needs.