Identify the target audience of the project. If you make a website for young mothers, it is necessary to use the same structure, and if you blog about fishing – absolutely another. Accurately describe your key visitors: sex, age, marital status, interests, free time, etc. This will allow you to not only create a more attractive site, but will be useful for further work with visitors.
Next, pick up key words. What requests you want to see your website on the first positions in search engines? For example, if you sell power saws in Nizhny Novgorod, the key for you search query: "buy a power saw in Nizhny Novgorod", but that's not all. Make basic keys that may prompt your target audience, determine their frequency and competitiveness.
Create the structure of the resource. What format fits you best: online shop, blog, business card, portal, etc. will Define how the basic units of information. What are you going to place there, what sections you need to divide the website, which category and tags will be used. What is bigger a website is, the more time should be given to this phase.
Decide on the style. You need to identify the main colors that fit your target audience. For example, women's sites is pink, purple, red, yellow. For men blue, black, dark green. Create a logo and other recognizable features. For example, you can post any character that will be present on most pages.
Order your mock draft. For this you can use services of specialized companies, or hire a freelancer. Specify your wishes and give huge experience. In the end, you should receive a finished design of your resource that you can use for the layout. Give this stage a lot of attention, don't be afraid to ask the designer to correct the mistakes or anything to add to it.
Book layout design. Some companies offer this service is with the layout. If you are going to use any CMS, then be sure to specify it as the layout for the engines requires additional knowledge and is usually much more expensive.
Test the resource. Upload it to the hosting test and check the functionality. If everything appears correct if you listed the possibilities, whether resolution, etc.