Characteristics of the drug

"Nazivin" is available in two forms, spray and nose drops, applied topically. The drug is indicated in infectious and inflammatory diseases in the nasal cavity, accompanied by swelling of the mucosa. These conditions include sinusitis, sinusitis and rhinitis. Nasal drops is effective in the swelling of the mucous membranes of the nasal passages with hay fever and allergic rhinitis. Also the drug is used to eliminate the swelling of the mucosa prior to surgical and diagnostic procedures in the nasal passages. "Nazivin" recommended for vasomotor rhinitis and for the recovery of drainage in inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, Eustachian and middle ear infection.

The use of the drug reduces swelling of the nasal mucosa and the volume of mucus secretion, as well as to improve nasal breathing. "A long time" reduces the risk of developing complications such as sinusitis, sinusitis and otitis. When applying the product does not cause flushing and does not irritate the nose. The maximum exposure of the drops is reached in about 15 minutes. The effect of the drug lasts for eight hours.

Nose drops have contraindications in case of possible reactions to the elements included in the composition of the drug, as well as angle-closure glaucoma, and atrophic rhinitis. You can't take "Nazivin" children with thyrotoxicosis, diabetes mellitus, intraocular pressure, and severe diseases of the cardiovascular system.

The drug causes side effects such as dryness and burning of the nasal mucosa, sneezing. In case of overdose may increase heart rate and increase blood pressure.

Usage instructions

Newborns and infants up to 4 weeks apply 1 drop of "Nasivin 0.01% of" two or three times a day. Children from 5 weeks to 1 year is recommended 1-2 drops of the drug 2-3 times a day.

Prolonged and incorrect use of "Nazivin" it may be atrophy of the mucous membrane of the nasal passages. Also in infants, loss of consciousness and collapse. Do not use this medication simultaneously with other vasoconstrictive drugs, as the combined effect of these agents can lead to undesirable consequences.

Before using the product be sure to consult with your pediatrician and read the instructions. "Nazivin" produces a Russian company "NIKAMED". Released from pharmacies without a prescription.