Bass are predatory schooling fish, leading day way of life. It has its own feature: it responds to the noise produced when the leash bait, rather than on its glare or coloration. For this reason, catching that fish should select rotating equipment.

What types of spinners?

Among the spinners there are two main groups: rotating and oscillating. The fishermen call them "urasaki" and "spoons". These categories of snap-ins include a variety of lures with different size, color, shape. They are used with spinning and require skill in the leash bait. In trolling, it is preferable to use tackle slow or medium action.

What is the spinner on a perch better?

In perch fishing it is recommended that only the "spinner". They have greater efficiency in a fishing trip, as it is equipped with quickly rotating petal, publishing attention-grabbing bass sounds. Bring about a dozen of spoons of this kind in different colors and sizes. Spinners of the big rooms it is possible not to buy: for perch, they don't fit.

The biggest lure of this plan have number 7, small is 00. Figures indicating the size of spinners, engraved on their petals. Preparing for a fishing trip, you will have to take different snap-in, No. 1-3, inclusive. This advice is due to the fact that it is impossible to determine in advance what bait is better for perch. You have to work with each spoon, alternately changing them, until it is clear what today will be most successful.

In recent years, the fishing snap is appeared new: poppers. This plastic bait can also be used in fishing for bass: when leash in the Windows of grass it is often effective. Experienced fishermen always bring poppers if you have to catch bass on unfamiliar water, and I will definitely try this snap-on item luck in this place.

Among of spinners is considered the best bait company Mepps. For perch will suit the spinners with the length of the petals 5-6 cm model Lusox Comet Blak Furu, Dessore Comet, Aglia and Aglia Long. If you have to fish at depths greater than 1.5 m, the optimal choice – Lusox spinners. These lures are equipped with a removable lead heads which can be changed by defining which of them are the most successful biting.

One of the most effective lures for perch think the model Aglia. She is noisy, as its petal has a specific structure: it is inclined from the axis of the lure 60. It is advisable to use snap-in red, as at the sight of her perch is very active.