How to choose a wedding dress for slim girls?

The modern wedding industry presents brides a huge number of fashionable dresses are straight and curvy, short and long, wide and narrow. There are some of the most suitable models of wedding dresses for slim girls.

The Empire (or Grecian dress). High waist, soft flowing skirt, well-fitting shape, adorned with bows, ribbons, boning line waist – the advantages of this model. This dress is perfect slender girls with a "rectangular" figure, it is able if necessary to hide rounded tummy and draw attention to the shoulders and neckline. Perfect with any shoes, including having a very small heel.

A-line (or Princess). A very stylish and beautiful wedding dresses this model is the most romantic silhouette. They have a tight corsage or bodice and a-line skirt, decorated with various bows, ribbons, ruffles, ruching, etc. to Visually slim and make a beautiful chest more enticing. However, from the dresses of such a style is better to give the girls too fat forms, as well as those who have small Breasts. Because of the tight bodice will visually reduce it even more.

Ball gown. The model with a fitted corset or bodice and a full, dome-shaped skirt, decorated with ruffles and flounces. Usually has a crinoline or petticoat. This dress is perfect for tall slender girls.

"Rusalka" (Mermaid skirt), a narrow dress having a dropped waist, full skirt, flared from the knees and a tight bodice, drawing attention to the cleavage area. It perfectly emphasizes the figure, suitable to owners of ideal forms and narrow hips.

Short dresses for bride have many advantages over long. They are more convenient, they are not hot, they are much easier to keep intact. After the feast a short dress can be worn to any party or special event. In addition, it makes the bride more sexy and attractive.

Slender girls also can choose the adjacent, straight and curvy models.

Where to buy a dress for a thin bride?

Today, wedding dresses for skinny girls are sold in many Bridal salons, working both directly (offline) or via the Internet. By visiting the shops, you can always find the model that suits you.