What are the jumpers? This kind of seat is on a spring, in which the child is quite rigidly fixed. It can be fixed in a doorway or on a special structure. The child, hanging in the jumpers, jumps in them, making a start feet from a floor. There are different views on the usefulness of this, at first glance, convenient and fun accessories. Jumpers have their pluses and minuses, so do not hurry to buy something his son, carefully analyzing all the "pros" and "cons".
Plus first. The use of jumpers makes life easier for parents. The kid is old enough, he is able to crawl and actively exploring the world, which is full of unpleasant and sometimes dangerous surprises. And placing the baby in jumpers, mom can continue to go about their household chores: the child in sight, he was safe, and besides, busy fun jumps.
Plus a second. Bouncing in the jumpers, the baby develops and trains the muscles of the legs, so getting ready to take her first steps. In addition, when jumping in the jumpers baby trains your vestibular system.
Minus the first. Manufacturers often indicate that preguntame you can use, starting with four months of a child's life. However, in this age the baby is still insufficiently well keeps the back muscles are not strong enough, so the finding in the jumpers can badly affect the baby's back, not yet adapted to such a load. In any case, it is not necessary to put the baby in jumpers earlier than seven months.
Minus the second. Many children suffer from increased muscle tone of the legs. While Bouncing in the jumpers child pushes off from the floor, replacing the socks. Thus, the tone will only increase, which will lead to negative consequences, and to walk the child will begin not sooner, but rather later than planned.
Minus the third. The baby at this age is contraindicated to stand on feet, because leg muscles and bones are still not strong enough for this. In the end, getting up on his feet in the jumpers, the child is at risk to deformation of the legs, which at that time only emerging.
Minus the fourth. Jumpers are not as safe as it seems. Fascinated by the jumping, the child may come in contact with the jamb or to cut mounts. Cases of falls and injuries as a result of cliff jumpers, unfortunately, not so rare.
And finally, the last disadvantage, the fifth. The child is not created in order to jump, he learns to crawl or stand or walk. Such a step as jumping, its development does not. So by making him jump, parents violate the natural course of things, interfere in the process of child development. The result may be a delay physical and mental development of the baby.
Thus, much more cons than pros. Therefore, buying her baby jumpers, remember to use them until seven months of age, should not leave their child unattended, and finally, they should not be abused. Enough of the ten jumps in the quality of the game and for the good mood of your baby.