Techniques of working with stone are determined by its properties, toughness primarily. In addition, all rocks and minerals have a certain fragility, viscosity and heterogeneity of properties. All this complicates the treatment and requires to each stone its own set of tools. The first stage processing of stone, after thorough washing is cut. Cutting stone the preferred thin metal disc that rotates at high speeds. The edge of the disc must carry the particles is more rigid than the cut, mineral. More recently, wheels for cutting stone, made of copper, a soft metal, and is now much more convenient to use a diamond saw or diamond wheel. The use of such circles cutting speeds up to ten times. To buy diamond grinding wheel is not as easy as any homemade instrument, and therefore, there is an alternative method to cutting stone in the home.
Although the home machine for the stone much simplified compared to the industry, but strict requirements are applied to it. The simplest device is rigidly secured to the engine, which is fixed diamond bezel. But the engine should have great strength and power, or even diamond wheel will last a long time. Machine for cutting stone, circular and using abrasive was invented in ancient China. Despite the availability of modern equipment at home, many prefer to use it because it is reliable and has a very small size. Despite this, to cut them quickly and accurately even jade, known for its viscosity. This machine can be used for carving and sawing, having interchangeable heads.
Machine for cutting stone
The machine consists of a wooden spindle, which is shaped like a cone and the diameter of which at the rear of the 50 mm, and in front, where it is attached to the supporting disk, of 100 mm. the Rear end of the keenly sharpened and inserted into the recess, lubricated with oil, grease or graphite grease. To facilitate rotation, bearings of solid wood is also well lubricated. On the Central part of the spindle through it spanned by a leather belt, the ends of which are fixed two wooden boards on the floor level - they are the pedals. Above the disk is necessary to secure the splash guard out of sheet metal to keep water and abrasive was not sprayed and did not spoil the surrounding objects. Before the front end of a spindle need to install the tray for flowing water with abrasive.
The cutting disc can be made of sheet iron, secured to the spindle using the shellac. In addition to the disk on the machine is no more metal parts. Hammer in the Central part of the disc is a shallow notch, ensuring more smooth rotation of the disc and gives it rigidity. Stick the disk on the spindle, make sure the evenness of the planting, the rotating disc by hand. Adjust the fit by heating shellac and an alignment disk in the desired direction. Then at the time of the rotation rule with a file the edge of the disc. The master sits front of the machine, alternately pressing and releasing the pedal, the disc rotates in one direction and then the other, remaining in place. Stone wizard keeps under the lower edge of the disk, and the other hand serves to drive the abrasive in a continuous thin stream. Most often, the stone is attached with glue on the wooden plate, which prevents hand injury in the final stage of cutting.