How to eat plants

Food plants get from the soil – get it out with the roots. Liquid "food" to digest them faster. Therefore, for fertilizing houseplants should purchase or prepare a nutrient solution. Fertilizer granules or in a powder - slow motion - can be made before planting. Poslepoludennyj abundant watering will dissolve them and make easily digestible.


It is best to buy ready-made fertilizer in the solution, in accordance with the needs of the particular plants, because different plants need different.


What are the feeding

There is a universal application, which are suitable for any room and even garden plants. But, mostly, the main element is nitrogen. And the plants require not only nitrogen, but also potassium, fluorine, copper, zinc and other substances.


In addition to the General health of all plants, supplements can be control the development of its individual parts. These are referred to as foliar feeding and are made locally by spraying the leaves or stem. They can affect the development of leaf mass or to stimulate flowering. The most effective foliar application to young plants, up to one year of life. The leaves of adult plants assimilate them worse.

Feed the plants only need during the growing season, that is only when they are actively growing and blooming. During the rest period, any feeding is absolutely contraindicated.


What's missing from the plant

How to find out what you need to fertilize a particular flower? The lack of any element affects the appearance of the plant. If it lacks nitrogen, stunting and pale leaves. If a little phosphorus, the leaves darken and flowering sparse. If your soil lacks potassium, flowering may not occur – everything goes on the development of leaf and stem.


All plants except bulbs and bulbotuberiferous, need periodic spreading. It is not only their main food, but also a good way to make the soil more friable, improving thus the access of air to the roots. For organic fertilization of flowers used bird droppings (1 tsp diluted in a liter of water), or mullein (2 tsp per liter of water).

Houseplants every three months is good to feed the ash solution (1 tablespoon ash infused for a week in a liter of boiling water).

Many growers are against chemical fertilizers and prefer to do home remedies. Feeding sugar, infusion of onion peel, orange peel, shells of eggs, coffee, tea, of course, possible, but less effective. Such feeding will have carried out more frequently – twice a month. And egg shells can cause chlorosis in some species of flowers, such as Azalea and hydrangea. As for sleep tea and coffee, rather, not dressing, and baking soil that is certainly useful, but the power plants does not.