Classical works

Domestic and foreign classics can come to a representative of any gender and age. After all, the classic combines such famous writers as Bulgakov, Agatha Christie, Henry, brothers Strugatsky and many other great authors. The works of Jerome and taffy will be able to cheer up a dull winter evening. Pleasant for vacation reading can be a collection of classic detective stories. Forced to forget any troubles fantastic works of the masters of this genre. For women who like soap operas can approach a romantic Remark or Marquez's prose. Men are advised to present Wilde, Garido, Trisara and Hemingway. For those who prefer a beautiful plot twists, and the style of writing, choice would be the works of Murakami and Eco.

Books of modern literature

The choice in this style is extremely diverse. A good gift for those who like to spend reading time on public transport, may be the last edition of ironic detectives. Lovers of adventure and giddy storylines can please novels in the fantasy genre, of which there are presently quite a lot. For fans of vampire stories nice gift would be a book on the film "Saga. Twilight." But for real men it is better to choose a famous work of Chuck Polanika "Fight club". This book will be a favorite for all brutal men who are still able to understand the printed letters. New novels Beigbeder will satisfy all the creative and advanced individuals. For party people it is better to choose Minaev. And readers with discriminating taste, you need to give the novels of Victor Pelevin. Modern girls prefer Ulitskaya and Rubina. Today's printing products far ahead of their nondescript predecessors. And an interesting book in the Deluxe edition, an elegant and pleasant gift.

Children's works

Selection of children's literature is also very diverse. Here are the collections of fairy tales with gorgeous illustrations by the brothers Andresen, funny poems Barto for the kids, magnificent fantastic works of Lindgren and Jansson for older kids. For those who already have 12 years, will come to books by such authors as K. bulichev, Krapivin V. And L. bussenard's But Teens will like the adventures of the three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas and the romantic story of the green A.