Parrots are extremely popular as Pets. In the homes of many urban and rural residents live mainly budgerigars or Corella, which are close relatives of large cockatoos. Slightly rarer lovebird, which got its name because if we choose a mate for life. Often people keep African grey parrot, or Jaco – beautiful imitators of human speech. Very rare macaw, which is impressive in its size and spectacular plumage.

Buying a parrot

Before you decide to purchase such a pet, it is important to realize that it requires serious care, and will need financial investment in its content. Buy parrots best in special nurseries or stores. An important criterion when choosing a pet is its price.

The formation of the cost of poultry depends on several factors: the breed of parrot, its origin, age, gender. Chicks grown man, are more expensive because they are already adapted to life among humans.

Affects the cost, of course, and the size of the parrot. According to this sign they are divided into three main groups - large, medium and small. Large parrots (macaw, Jaco, cockatoos) have a height up to 90 cm, have significant intellectual. Want to buy this bird will have to pay a considerable sum. Representatives of such species as Corella, wavy parrot, lovebirds have a much smaller size and are, of course, not as expensive as their larger counterparts.

The maintenance and feeding

In addition to the actual cost of the parrot, you need to consider that going to need a cage, food and other supplies for its content.

The parrot cage should correspond to its size – its width should be at least twice the span of its wings. In addition, it should be comfortable for the owner of the bird, in terms of its cleaning because to clean it twice a day and this procedure should not be accompanied by discomfort. In the cage must be feeding, drinking and the so-called roost for gaming and entertainment parrot, because without that it simply will not be able to develop normally.

Food for birds it is better to buy from a retailer. The ration for parrots includes all the necessary ingredients for their growth, development and normal functioning. But perhaps feeding natural products, for example, the grain mixture, which consists of the seed of cereal plants. In addition, the diet of birds Pets must be present vegetables, fruit and herbs.

You will need regular expenses and vetobsluzhivaniye parrot. You cannot visit the doctor's office only when the bird is not feeling well. The owner should make a point of regularly show a parrot specialist to rule out problems with his health.