When you decide to have a parrot in the first place remember about such varieties of these birds as wavy. As a pet they are perfect: low-maintenance, sociable and quite "talkative". The plumage of the birds brilliant, beautiful, ravnodushnym will not leave any fan of birds. Wavy parrot can be easily tamed and taught simple games. Caring for birds is simple even in the apartment, so you can trust the child.

What parrot to choose from exotic species?

The breeders can be purchased wayward and interesting bird grey parrot. His intellectual is so highly developed that he easily reads the psychological state of the person and instantly decide whether it makes sense to insist at the moment on the communication with the owner, or beg his food.

Jaco is a large bird. Its length from tip of beak to tip of tail can reach 35 cm life expectancy of the feathered – 60-90 years. The parrot cage should be spacious, furnished with a perch set on the highest point of the apartment. The bird is easily trained and is capable of playing several hundred words and phrases. If a parrot will bond with the owner it will be faithful to him until the end of his life. The cost of birds not so big: from 20 to 60 thousand.

Another favorite of poultry – parrot Karel. This pet will win the heart of the owner with its friendliness, simplicity and sociability. With regular practice, the bird will quickly learn to repeat not only the words, but small sentences. The color of KARELA can be gray, white or yellowish. The apartment contain it easy as this clever bird will soon understand what is required of her not to litter and not to disturb the owner in the dark.

Another species, adapted to living in captivity – Amazon. These birds are one of the most affordable, low maintenance and easy to train. By purchasing this parrot should be taken into account that he quickly learns the words and phrases, and to pronounce them, despite the presence of the guests. Excessive govarivali – a characteristic feature of the Amazon.

What documents are needed on an exotic parrot?

When you import into Russia of each bird permits the document CITES. It enter the data of the owner. When selling a parrot issued a certificate of purchase. This document States both the owner: past and present. In addition, the certificate contains information about the origin of birds, number of CITES, the information on the performed veterinary procedures.