Chiropractics - what is it?

Manual therapy is the combination of diverse therapeutic procedures and techniques to diagnose diseases in the field of orthopedics. In other words, massage therapy can be called treatment hands. This branch of medicine is quite old, it dates back to the civilizations of Egypt, ancient Greece and India.

The last century was for this type of therapy rewarding. Today it is used in the treatment of diseases in the field of musculoskeletal.

This technique has many advantages. The main advantage is that it is safe and natural for the human body.

Development of manual therapy to a greater extent contributed to Oriental medicine. Chinese experts argued that if the physical impact on certain points of the human body, it is possible to exert a considerable effect on damaged organs and human tissue. This effect is achieved by the fact that the doctors healed the pain, through effects on energy balance in the focus of the problem, thereby eliminating it.

After the emergence of manual therapy, she was almost immediately divided into two large branches: chiropractic and osteopathy.

The importance of the spine for the human body

The spine is a large biomechanical system. A large part of the pathology of the internal organs related to the damage of this complex system. Under the damage it can realize any reversible changes of mobility in the joints between vertebrae and other structures of the human body, which can occur during the human life. The reasons for these changes can be everyday actions such as: sudden jerk of movement when performing physical work, lifting heavy things, long stay in any position, including sedentary work at the computer or behind a Desk.

Chiropractic as a profession has spread widely in the United States, where people had time only for work, but not for physical exercise. For example, in China and India people used to do physical therapy and do at least some workout during work. This is the popularity of manual therapy in the United States, since it allows in the shortest possible time to relieve pain and return the person to work.

The structure of the spine has a very close relationship. For example, if you change the position of one in the cervical spine, then slowly begin to change the whole structure of the vertebrae. So, in the beginning this process can be seen as beneficial to the body because of the togas that the body to adapt to changes and not suffer. But further changes of this kind can lead to serious diseases and disorders. When the natural state of the spine varies, there may be overload, violated nerves and blood vessels.

And yet chiropractic should not be regarded as a remedy for all diseases and any chronic pain, and should be used in conjunction with modern methods of treatment of such diseases.