The Irish called green beer poluevo, this drink they get after the first fermentation of the wort. The resulting liquid is cooled, separated from the yeast, and then it Zobrazovat at low temperatures. The unusual color of this drink give in Breweries in different ways, technology of dyeing, as a rule, kept secret. Irish brewers claim that green tint appears due to natural causes, but trade secrets are not disclosed. Japanese and German manufacturers poluevo for dyeing often use banal lime.
After the appearance of green beer on world markets has been multiple fakes of this strange drink, the craftsmen simply added to the beer prepared according to specific technologies, blue dye, it gives the fluid the desired green color. Of course, this fake beer has no taste, characteristic poluevo.
Chinese bamboo beer — a completely different drink. It has a very vivid deep emerald color, so to identify in this beer is not easy. The Chinese brewed beer from bamboo, a special variety which is being purposely bred in the valley of the Yangtze river. For beer the leaves of the plant are harvested in early autumn, after which they are carefully sorted, dried, and sorted, and then by a special technology to get the extract, which further added to the drink.
Chinese brewers grain first, prepare the wort, then add the bamboo extract (in some cases just used the crushed leaves of bamboo) and sometimes the juice of the plant. They then clarified and filtered the resulting mixture, cooled and enriched with oxygen. Only then you must start the fermentation process, this is added to the wort yeast. Fermentation takes place for several weeks, in the end, it turns into a muddy dark green beverage, which resembles in its qualities usual Braga. Then this Mead poured into a special closed barrels, where it aged for some time under minor pressure at very low temperatures. After opening the barrels, the beer only needs to filter, pour into special containers-kegs and send for distribution in bars.
To understand that before you — a real green beer (whether Irish or Chinese), it is enough to pour some drink into a transparent glass and watch him for ten to twenty minutes. If the beer changes color, you see a dropdown precipitate the dye, before you fake that you shouldn't drink. If the color is unchanged, before you present green beer.