Any government authority, including the Prosecutor's office of the Russian Federation, carries out its activities in the interests of the citizens. The prosecution system established for oversight functions, and its employees exercise their own authority in various fields. If you have any questions or complaints to their activities inevitably arises the problem of determining the body responsible for oversight of the Prosecutor's office. Note that external systems such supervision simply does not exist because it would contradict the principles of activities of Prosecutor's office. However, the structure of the prosecution assumes the existence of specific Supervisory powers of the higher public Prosecutor's offices and their officials in relation to subordinate.

The Supervisory powers of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation

On top of the system of supervision over the activities of the Prosecutor's office, the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation. He is accountable only to the President of the Russian Federation, is assigned to its own position in the upper house of the Russian Parliament on his presentation. The exclusive power of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation is the appointment, dismissal of prosecutors of the regional, district and municipal levels. The procurators of the constituent entities of the country, accountable only to the Prosecutor General (at the same time they are considered as his deputies), and regional, city and specialized prosecutors are also accountable to higher prosecutors. As a result, implemented a system of vertical supervision, headed by the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.

Where to send complaints about the actions of the Prosecutor?

If any citizen or organization believe that the actions of the district, the city attorney, his assistant, are illegal, violate their rights, make complaints should take place in the parent bodies of the Prosecutor's office. Thus, upon detection of misconduct of the district or city attorney must file a written complaint addressed to the Prosecutor of the corresponding subject of the Russian Federation, and also duplicate it to the Prosecutor General. By results of consideration of such treatment mandatory is checked, the applicant is informed about its results. If misconduct is confirmed, the perpetrator, the Prosecutor may be disciplined (up to and including dismissal) or other liability.