The rights of one who is concerned that a son (daughter) can't find friends. What is the cause of loneliness and how to help your child?

Of course, in human life plays an important role dealing with people. Without society we are nothing. Remember the story about Mowgli? When there is no communication, no development. Therefore, parents should be paid to this factor in the life of their child special attention.

Parent – principal assistant

Parent – the first and only teacher who can teach life and attitude better than any school. For example, mom and dad, children learn to communicate with people and connecting with them contact, to resolve the conflicts. If parents themselves do not have close friends, there is very little conversation between themselves and the child, then sooner or later he will make for himself the same communicative model. But who wants his child grew up a pacifist and avoided people?

Although the lack of friends may be another reason, even if parents have a bunch of their friends, and in the house constantly jostle for guests. It happens that a child just can't find a common language with their peers. In this case, parents can develop their child's communication skills.

To be tolerant and wise

No theory, constant exhausting conversations with the baby about what he needs to find friends that will not lead to the desired result. It is a dense ring, which often enter into mom of his children, is often the cause of loneliness to their kids. Do not ever cling to the heart, to sigh, to impose their anxiety for no reason. Excessive concern about the failure of the child's communication with peers give rise to it shyness, complexes. The trembling mother, who is constantly attacking and constantly asks if he's found friends, able to close the little man even more.

Psychologists often suggest parents to let go of the situation and not to panic, not to burden the child with their dark thoughts. Yet unformed child's mind requires a soft, meaningful approach. Better to act slowly and not to strive at any cost to get at least some friends.

To act and to be consistent

The main task of parents is to help your child to overcome all difficulties. Not to leave on their own, and to be close and gently, gently push to action. A sure way to give him practice of communication is to bring to the yard, on the outdoor Playground. The parent must by example show how to communicate and that is great! Connect with other moms, engage in dialogues with children playing nearby. You should never tell the child, "there's a girl sitting in the sandbox, go play with her." In the sandbox you need to go together. Parents should help to communicate with other children using simple questions, to teach them to change from kids toys, to give their cars and dolls to play with others. But don't constantly stand over their child and to monitor his actions. Hyper to anything. Of these children, near which are constantly hovering, like vultures, parents usually dislike. And the child always controlling mother does not relax and become acquainted.

Don't overdo it

In an effort to find the child, friends many parents forget that in friendship the important thing is not the quantity but the quality. Therefore, we should not impose his offspring certain children. If a potential "friend" he doesn't like, don't insist on further communication. As they say, love can not be. Make sure those of peers attracts him the most. And encourage all his contacts, even fleeting.

To develop fully

A common activity brings people together, everyone knows that. On this basis, parents should determine her quiet in a circle or any sport involving team play. Classes where every man for himself, is not suitable. Football, volleyball or, for example, pairs figure skating – the best sports. In General, the main thing - to diversify leisure child, and not to limit communication only adults.

To see in your child an introvert

It so happens that the child did not survive from the fact that he had no close friends. He does not cause discomfort the lack thereof. If he behaves calm and he was all like, he complains about the lack of communication, then, all right. So, your child is so constituted that he is well and without constant communication. In this case, you should talk to a psychologist. Maybe your kid is an introvert. He is good with itself, it is interesting to sit in front of a computer, a TV, read a book. Then the task of parents is to ensure that the child is not closed in on itself.