Remember your childhood who dressed up boys when you were kids? Usually on Christmas morning the boys played the role of favorite Pets. To sew such a costume is simple.

First we need to define who will be your child Bunny, wolf, or bear. Determine the style of costume. To help you can take the magazines with children's costumes, or use the Internet. There you can find the pattern. If not, then take the child's measurements themselves or make pattern, taking advantage of his clothes.

Now you need to choose the right fabric, the right color: Bunny – white, wolf gray, bear brown. If a child will depict a different animal, the fabric is also chosen according to color. Usually in magazines is an indication of what kind of fabric you need to take for a particular suit. Most importantly – it should not be too tight that the child was not hot.

But the most important thing in children's Christmas costume is the mask. Here it, most likely, have to buy.


Snowman costume, you can not even look in magazines or on the Internet. To start, sew baby long white robe. At the bottom of the hoodie and the belt hoodie for elastics. To give volume to the bottom "ball" hem with cotton wool or synthetic padding. The baby's legs should be shod or white thick socks, or white felt boots. At the baby's head should make a brilliant hat out of cardboard and foil.

Heroes of books and movies

Costumes fairy-tale characters or cartoon characters even easier. Pirates, dwarves, elves – they all wear pants, shirts and vests, just different colors. Child sew these garments.

The pirate costume must be decorated with colorful wide sash and saber. Gnome on the vest attach the "rivets" foil, as an elf costume adorn with fringe on the bottom of trousers, waistcoat and shirt sleeves. Don't forget to add the relevant tools: dwarf axe or pickaxe, and the elf –bow and arrows.

The pirate on the head instead of a hat you can tie the bandana with skulls. Dwarf you can buy or make a beard of cotton. Only to have your dwarf looked gray and old, wool is best dyed in a brown or red color. Elf necessary or headband on your hair or a green hat.

Musketeer costume consists of breeches, shirt and a blue coat. Breeches and shirt you can find in the wardrobe of the boy, but the cloak will have to carve out of blue satin or silk. On the coat front, back and sides need to draw or sew white crosses. On the cuffs and shirt collar will have to sew the lace for the authenticity of the image. Complete costume hat with feather and sword is your baby ready to fight.