Picture made two famous Director - Anna Lobanova and Nonna Agadzhanova, created more than a dozen successful operations. This is the story of a modern Cinderella, who has two completely different from each other countries: in Russia and the Arab state under the name of Gasnor. Muslim country invented by the writers.

At some point the Network began to circulate rumors that the creators of the series intend to do a sequel. Called even approximate release dates of the new season. Premiere was to be held in 2013. However, neither last year nor this shooting was not started. No official information from developers about the possibility of continuing the pattern today there is no.
The series consists of 16 episodes.

The plot

The events of the film develops in 80-ies in the Soviet Union. The plot of this picture young Russian girl Asya. The heroine grew up in an orphanage and was looking at life without much optimism. It so happened that she fell in love with the son of an Arab Sheikh named Dzhanzur. Introduced this pair of common friends, with whom they are co-studying in the Institute.

Given the difference between the mentality of their countries with the main characters, they realize that fate has brought them in vain. However, violent love haunted ACE and Gensuru, they want to be together and ready for it.

Love and betrayal, meeting with Arab sheiks and Soviet diplomats, prosecution, torture and many troubles will have to ACE in order to be with a loved one.

The origin of the name of the series

The name of the series gave the parable. In the words of the protagonist, in trees, pomegranate can contemplate two things: the blooming of flowers and ripening of fruit. This sight symbolizes both far and near, old age and youth, the West and the East. The relationship between Arab boy and Russian girl is not that other, as attempt to combine two extremes at one point.

Interesting facts about the show

It is noteworthy that a group of actors who worked for one set, consisted of representatives of different countries: Ukrainians, Latvians, Russians, Belarusians, Kazakhs. All these actors have no special regalia, they are young and not too experienced.
The shooting took place in Turkey.

In addition, the shooting of the series took place in very hot weather. This fact added challenges to the entire group that worked on the project. Therefore, display of the actors and all the employees in the TV series "the Taste of pomegranate" was on the verge of human capabilities.